The eco-friendly GSH is modelled on sustainability and the goal of this project is not only to provide extensive and varied sporting facilities, but also to create a vibrant and multi-functional sustainable attraction that can be used as a social and educational resource.

We will focus on incorporating solar energy, waste water recycling, water re-use, natural ventilation and SMART buildings concepts. 

Designed to accommodate local and international sports fans, GSH also includes a sustainable boutique hotel concept, meeting room facilities and food & beverage outlets.

Our sustainable goals

The design of the building itself is based on several parameters to show a holistic approach to sustainability. 

The building and landscape present the latest developments in the field of sustainable architecture; we show that sustainability involves more than aspiring to green certification, and that it is possible to quantify our project’s high quality on the basis of several parameters.

  • Eliminating waste

  • Material transparency

  • Reclaim, reuse, renovate

  • Water and soil balance

  • Renewable energy

  • Climate zone

  • Clean air

  • Green footprint park

  • Solar

  • Local biotopes

  • Thermal balance

  • Low energy

  • Circular business model

  • Intelligent indoor climate

  • Energy visualisation

  • Water cycle

  • Energy from waste

  • On-site energy production

  • On-site food production

  • Green walls

  • Green Key

Sustainability principles

In this booklet the architects describe the sustainability principles of the project.

Download for a full description